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Truck Bearings
These sturdy and durable Truck Bearings are designed with heat treatment to ensure high durability and sturdiness. These case-carburized elements are designed to enhance durability and life with reduced maintenance intervals.
 Auto Wheel Bearing
Auto Wheel Bearings are used in automotives to enhance their efficacy, strength and durability. They are developed using heavy-duty raw materials to ensure maximum sturdiness and strength. 
Water Pump Bearings
Water Pump Bearings are developed for add efficacy and performance to the water pumps. They are durable and sturdy bearings available in different sizes and specifications.
Cylindrical Roller Bearing
Cylindrical Roller Bearings are used in cylinders as the rolling elements. They maintain the separation between the movable parts of the bearings and reduce rotational friction. They also provide support to radial and axial loads.
Spherical Roller Bearing
Spherical Roller Bearings are rolling-element bearings designed to allow the rotation with low friction. They are designed to permit angular misalignment and support bore’s rotating shaft.

Taper Roller Bearing
Tapered Roller Bearings are available with tapered inner and outer ring raceways. They are perfect for accommodating combined loads such as acting axial and radial loads.
Ball Bearings
Ball Bearings are used to maintain the disconnection between the bearing races, reduce rotational friction and provide support to radial and axial loads. They come with lower load capacity owing to smaller contact area.
King Pin Bearings
These King Pin Bearings are designed to bear thrust pressure in different industrial pump applications. They come with high resistivity, durability and abrasion-proof design.